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The New Media Museum’s personal computing collection includes early 8-bit home computers, gaming consoles, Apple and IBM/Compatible computers along with a comprehensive set of corresponding operating systems, utilities, application software and peripherals. 1


The New Computer Museum has a small collection of early home computers (Commodore VIC-20, TRS-80, TI-99/4A, Toshiba Pasopia IQ-MSX etc.).


Apple Family Portrait
The New Media Museum has many Apple II series computers along with original system, utility and application software (Apple II, II Plus, IIe, IIc, IIGS). There is also a strong collection of Macintosh hardware and software (SE, LC, LC III, PowerBook 180, PowerBook 3400C, iBook G4, iPod and iPad). More…


The New Media Museum has a systematic collection of more than 20 IBM and compatible computers ranging from early DOS to recent Windows 10 systems along with a comprehensive set of peripherals, operating systems, utilities and application software. More…


The New Media Museum has a comprehensive collection of Microsoft operating system and productivity software for IMB/Compatibles and Macintoshs as well as Xbox consoles with games and peripherals. More…


The New Media Museum has a wide range of application software. More…


The New Media Museum has a range of gaming consoles, peripherals and games as well as Apple, Macintosh and IBM/Compatible games. More…

Useful Things

Plenty of storage media like 5 1⁄4-inch and ​3 1⁄2 inch floppy disks, a full array of backup drives as well as modern USB drives.

The collection also includes a few 1990s printers and a good supply of toners.



These are some of the most relevant books in the collection. More…

Collection Notes
1 Some of this equipment was originally acquired for Studio-E which was located at 1206 Mass. Ave. in Harvard Square (1994-1996). The collection was later updated to support the courses ECOMP 7100: Fundamentals of Computer Structure (2004) and ECOMP 6016: Teaching and Learning with Digital Media (2005-2006) at Lesley University. Finally, the most recent equipment was acquired during work on Digital-Den (2012-2019).

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