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The New Computer Museum has an extensive collection of educational software along with all of the necessary computers and operating systems needed to run every title. There is also an extensive collection of documentation, magazines and books about educational technology.1


The Content Knowledge Collection is a library of software that illustrates the evolution of multimedia content used in education. More…


The Teaching and Computing Collection captures the rich history of how computers have been used for teaching. More…


Children's Machine Exhibit VCF East
The Learning and Computing Collection contains an extensive body of resources related to the community of people who pioneered the exploration of the intersections of computational media and mind at MIT. It also includes many dialects of the Logo programming language. More…


EdBotics Collection
The EdBotics Collection is an array of educational robots and equipment used to teach robotic systems (electricity, mechanics and computation). More…


These are some other relevant books in the collection. More…

Collection Notes
1 This collection was amassed while working on courses at Lesley University and Purdue University as well as while working on numerous publications and presentations.
Methods for studying educational computing projects: Challenges and opportunities (M. E. Hopper, History of Computers in Education)
Educational courseware production in advanced computing environments (M. E. Hopper, Dissertation, Purdue University)

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