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The Media and New Media Collection includes the tools used to author all forms of media along with the content authored with those tools. In addition, the collection contains records about the history of both the creators of the tools and the content. Finally, the focus of this collection is on preserving a snapshot of how the tools and content evolved from analog to electronic and then digital formats over the course of the twentieth century.1

Media in Transition

Media in Transition
Logo co-designed, David Thorburn and Mary Hopper, 1998

Materials related to the MIT Media in Transition Project are a valuable asset in the New Media Museum’s collections. More…


The Equipment Collection allows the museum to play, record, preserve and translate a full range of analog, electronic and digital media. In addition, the collection is also intended to systematically demonstrate how each type of media evolved from its analog to electronic and then digital form. More…


These are some key books in the collection. More…

On the Web
The New Media Reader (Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort) (Web Site)
The Long History of New Media: Technology, Historiography, and Contextualizing Newness (Dave Park, Nick Jankowski and Steve Jones)

Paley Center for Media Collection (US)
Media History Digital Library (Eric Hoyt, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
The National Science and Media Museum (UK)
Media Museum (ZKM)
Museum Of Obsolete Media (Jason Curtis)
Museum of Obsolete Objects (YouTube)

Collection Notes
1 These resources were used in the course 21L.015 Introduction to Media Studies (MIT, 1998)

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