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The Immersive Interfaces exhibit features samples from the New Media Museum’s extensive collection of immersive hardware and software interfaces. The goal of this exhibit is to demonstrate how to push the boundaries of immersive experiences by pairing high end commercial platforms (e.g. virtual worlds, high end photo-realistic VR software and games) with advanced visual displays (multi-screen, surround video and 3D headsets) and natural user interfaces to create more powerful immersive experiences than are typically available to the public (or even the experts who work with each of the individual products). The exhibit also includes a variety of vintage products in order to illustrate key points about the evolution of immersive interfaces. Some examples of things in the exhibit include a Nintendo Entertainment System with a functioning Power Glove, Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit Balance Board, XBox 360 with Kinect and complete set of Harmonix Rock Band instruments, Magic Cube projected keyboard, Leap Motion, MindWave, and of course, an Oculus Rift Development Kit and HTC Vive. 1

Exhibit Notes
1 This exhibit was shown at Immersion 2014 Los Angeles, CA. It consisted of a sample of artifacts from the New Media Museum’s Immersive Experiences Collection which includes many peripherals that bring users into digital experiences conceptually and/or perceptually.
Hopper, M.E. (2014, May). Immersive interfaces [Exhibit]. Immersion 2014, Los Angeles, CA.

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