Communications Forum

This is a logo that Mary Hopper helped David Thorburn create while serving as the first Post Doc of Comparative Media Studies at MIT.

A complete history of the MIT Communications Forum is one valuable asset held in the archives of the New Media Museum. Mary Hopper’s duties as the first Post Doctoral Associate of MIT’s Comparative Media Studies was helping David Thorburn to run the MIT Communications Forum. A subset of those duties was putting her archival knowledge to work in order to generate a complete history of the forum that, among other things, included all of the posters and summaries of every event that was run by the organization. Mary Hopper actually created multiple physical copies of the product of this work and retained on of them for her professional portfolio. That copy is part of the New Media Museum’s collections.

An inventory of the contents of the archive will be posted soon…

This is a poster that is available for display in the museum.

Note: These summaries were written by Mary Hopper while she was serving as a Post Doctoral Associate at MIT.
“Real Artists Don’t Go to MIT”, February 24, 2000
John Maeda
The Digital Library, April 20, 2000
Clifford Lynch, Deanna Marcum, Ann Wolpert, Marlene Manoff