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Vannevar Bush’s Memex

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Vannevar Bush on brains and computers (YouTube)
Vannevar Bush (Lemelson-MIT Program)
Vannevar Bush: A difference maker (Peter Dizikes, MIT News)
Vannevar Bush (Encyclopædia Britannica)
Vannevar Bush’s Memex Demo by Paul Kahn (YouTube)
Full visual tour of Bush’s work (Paul Kahn, Doug Engelbart Institute)
As We May Think (Vannevar Bush, Atlantic Monthly, July 1945)
As We May Think” A Celebration of Vannevar Bush’s 1945 Vision (MIT, 1995)
Memex and Beyond Web Site (Brown University)
Memex (Christopher Keep, Tim McLaughlin, Robin Parmar, The Electronic Labyrinth, University of Virginia)

Douglas Engelbart’s NLS/Augment


Doug Engelbart (Doug Engelbart Institute)
Douglas Engelbart (Encyclopædia Britannica)
NLS/Augment (Doug Engelbart Institute)
Douglas Engelbart’s NLS Demo (YouTube)
The Strategic Pursuit of Collective IQ (Doug Engelbart, Doug Engelbart Institute)

Engelbart’s Unfinished Revolution
HyperScope Basics (Doug Engelbart Institute)
Screencast of Douglas Engelbart’s HyperScope Project

Ted Nelson’s Xanadu

Ted Nelson (Project Xanadu)
Xanadu Project
Ted Nelson’s Open Xanadu Demo by Jack Seay (YouTube)
Where the Trail Leads (Ted Nelson, Doug Engelbart Institute)
Ted Nelson and Xanadu (Christopher Keep, Tim McLaughlin, Robin Parmar, The Electronic Labyrinth)
Intertwingled Conference (April 2014)
Ted Nelson Demonstrates XanaduSpace (YouTube)

Brown’s Intermedia

MIT’s AthenaMuse

HyperCard & Friends

World Wide Web

Collection Notes

The New Media Museum’s collection includes extensive source material related to the early hypertext community.

One highlight of the collection is an authorized and complete copy of the original video tapes from the 1995 MIT/Brown Vannevar Bush Symposium.
As We May Think” A Celebration of Vannevar Bush’s 1945 Vision (MIT, 1995)

There are legal, digitized copies of many of the tapes available online.
The MIT/Brown Vannevar Bush Symposium (Doug Engelbart Institute)

Some of the material for this exhibit was based upon a presentation that Mary Hopper and Mark Bernstein made at the MIT Communications Forum that featured many clips from the MIT/Brown Vannevar Bush Symposium tapes. The transcript of that event is available online.
Hypertext in historical context: Vannevar Bush and Ted Nelson revisited (Mary Hopper & Mark Bernstein, MIT Communications Forum/Media in Transition, October 1, 1998)

The New Media Museum’s collection also includes a series of large posters representing key developments in the evolution of hypertext and hypermedia (Memex, Xanadu etc.). The posters would be displayed behind monitors displaying videos about each exhibit and next to functioning demos of the systems (when available).

Finally, the collection includes a large selection of related books and documents as well as a functioning collection of the hardware and software necessary for running as many hypertext and hypermedia systems as possible. In fact, many of them are already up and running.