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The Stereoscopic Headset Collection has a range of devices that demonstrate the evolution of techniques used to surround the visual field in order to achieve a state of visual immersion.




View-Master Virtual Reality Viewers by Mattel

Nintendo’s Virtual Boy

Virtual Boy by Nintendo

Radio-Shack’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man VR3D Game from RadioShack


Recent Low-End

Recent Mid-Range

Samsung Gear VRs

Recent High-End

Oculus Development Kit and HTC Vive and MSI to drive it.

360° Cameras

360° Cameras

Collection Notes
1 This exhibit was originally part of the Digital-Den collection and was shown at Boston Tech Breakfast among other events.
Hopper, M.E. (2013, November). May the force be with you! [Exhibit]. TechBreakfast. Microsoft NERD Center, Cambridge, MA.

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