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A key technical goal of the museum is to have the ability to play, record, preserve and translate as wide a range of analog, electronic and digital media as possible. In addition, the collection is also explicitly intended to systematically demonstrate how each type of media evolved from its analog to electronic and then digital form. That is why the museum holds the equipment, documentation and instructional materials necessary for experiencing, recording, translating and/or digitizing a wide range of media.

The Studio

The New Media Museum has an extensive collection of media equipment ranging from the antique and vintage to the latest and greatest.

Here is a just a sample of what’s available in addition to the extensive equipment that is specifically documented in other collections and exhibits (especially Personal Computing and Immersive Experiences).

Text Typewriter, Printers with Toners, Scanner with OCR
Audio Tape Recorders/Players, Dual Tape Deck, Stereos
Turntables (33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM), Vinyl Collection (Classic Rock)
CD-R/RW, Audio and Video Connectors and Cables
Analog & Electronic Instruments
Image Vintage Pentax Camera and Film
Numerous Early Digital Cameras
Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera
Scanner, Graphics Tablet
Video Video Cameras, TV/VCR, VCR/DVD Players/Recorders
Numerous Monitors, Projectors
Video Digitizing Equipment, Wide Array of Connectors
Traditional and Mobile Telephones
Many Generations of Modems, Cables, Computer Networking (Mac, PC)

Antique and Vintage

In the name of creating “atmosphere,” some exhibits will either include authentic antique equipment or, in some cases, modern recreations from Crosley and other manufacturers.

Latest and Greatest

Finally, when it comes to technology, the future has a habit of becoming the past, fast. That is why the museum continually acquires brand new equipment to meet the needs of existing and future exhibits. For example, this is a small selection of what’s in the Immersive Experiences Collection/Exhibit.


This is a relevant book in the collection. More…

Multimedia : The Complete Guide by DK Publishing and Deni Brown

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