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Mary Hopper has done most of the work on maintaining and documenting collections, creating exhibits and websites as well as hosting events.

However, many other people have also made contributions over the years. 1

Neil R. Carlson
First and foremost, extreme gratitude goes to Neil Carlson for providing extensive moral, logistical and financial support to the New Media Museum and all of the projects that led to it since the early 1990s.

Mark Micheli

Mark Micheli did an excellent job of recording numerous videos that are posted on YouTube. Two notable examples are the Museum Launch and the Immersive Interfaces Exhibit.

Exhibitors at events have included Dan Berman, Michael Thompson and Harlan Hersey of the Rhode Island Computer Museum, Adam Rosen of the Vintage Mac Museum, Bryan Harwell of Replay’d and Jamie York of Game Underground.

Bob Frankston
Bob Frankston has kindly shared great tales about the history of computing and donated software to the Personal Computing and Education collections.

Robert Erickson
Bob Erickson has been a major donor of hardware and software for the Personal Computing Collection, and he was also the most energetic and consistent supporter of the New Media Museum’s predecessor organization the New Computer Museum.

Other hardware and software contributors have included Bill German, Fred Wolflink, Laszlo Dienes, Alexis Pittman, Robert Feder, Jim Howley, Joan and Scott Whitlow, Ann Burnham, Scott Evernden, Weston Tolman, Howard Marget, John Colburn, Erik Beck and John Dodge.

Financial contributors to an Indiegogo campaign included Marlyn and Norma Carlson, Renee Brown, Mike Morrison, Brendan Powers, Brian Perry, J Stanley Koper, Dwight Bell, Harlan Hersey, David Ross, Michelle Johnson, Mark James and Michael Bates.

1 Some contributions acknowledged here were for the prior iteration of the New Media Museum called the New Computer Museum.

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