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Materials related to the MIT Media in Transition Project are a valuable asset in the New Media Museum’s collections.

Mary Hopper’s duties as the first Post Doctoral Associate of MIT’s Comparative Media Studies Graduate Program was helping David Thorburn and Henry Jenkins to found and run the program’s flagship project, the Markle Foundation funded Media in Transition. 1

Media in Transition
Logo co-designed, David Thorburn and Mary Hopper, 1998

The archive includes all of the writing and correspondence that she did during her work on the project. The archive also includes the records of the parent project, MIT Communications Forum.

There is an archive of home pages co-edited by David Thorburn and Mary Hopper on the MIT server.

The summaries below were written by Mary Hopper while she was Managing Editor of Media in Transition. The archive includes all of her original transcripts of events and correspondence with speakers.

In addition, these posters are in the collection and available for display.

Media in Transition Conference

Mary Hopper served as a co-organizer for the first Media in Transition International Conference.


Media in Transition Conference Plenary Sessions, October 8-10, 1999

Other Events

These summaries were also written by Mary Hopper.

Democracy and Digital Media Conference, May 8-9, 1998

Digital Cities:Urban Environments and Interactive Technologies, Sept 25, 1998

Covering Cyberspace, Moderated by John Driscoll, November 5, 1998

Digital Journalism, Moderated by James Carey, November 12, 1998

Beyond the Ivory Tower: Academic Discourse in the Age of Popular Media, February 18, 1999
William Calvin, Stephen J. Gould, Alan Lightman and Lester Thurow

The Dark Side of Information Technology, March 15, 1999
Kenneth Keniston and Venkatesh Hariharan

Stealth Bombers: Invisible Information?, April 15, 1999
Robert Zalisk

Wiring the Classroom Conference Sessions, May 1, 1999

See also MIT Communications Forum Archive

Collection Notes
1 The resources were also used in the course 21L.015 Introduction to Media Studies (MIT)

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