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The Content Knowledge Collection is a library of software that illustrates the evolution of multimedia content used in education.

Most common interpretations of “educational computing” focus on ways that learning theories have driven various implementations of software for teaching and learning. However, another oft overlooked, but key way that computers are used in education is to serve as a library of content knowledge to support the needs of both teachers and students. Over the decades since computers were first introduced to educators, an increasingly rich and interactive body of “multmedia” has evolved, and the New Media Museum has an extensive collection of these types of content knowledge resources.

Here is just a tiny representative sample of what is in this collection.

Laser Library from Sony
Laser Library from Sony (1991)
Compton’s Family Encyclopedia
Microsoft Bookshelf 1991 Edition
Languages of the World
National Geographic Mammals
Mixed Up Mother Goose
World Atlas Demo

National Geographic (1997)
The Complete National Geographic: 108 Years of National Geographic Magazine on CD-ROM

Multimedia Dictionaries, Thesaurus & Encyclopedias

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