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The Immersive Experiences Collection is made up peripherals that bring users into digital experiences conceptually and/or perceptually by surrounding the visual field and providing input that is natural and automatic.1


The Stereoscopic Headset Collection has a range of devices that demonstrate the evolution of techniques used to surround the visual field in order to achieve a state of visual immersion. More…


The Motion Input Collection consists of a wide range of input devices that illustrate the history and evolution of motion sensing peripherals that go well beyond basic keyboards and mice. More…



The Mind Input Collection consists of fun, low-cost products from NeuroSky that use EEG sensors for “brain control” of physical and digital objects. More…


These are some of the most relevant books in the collection. More…

Non-Fiction Books

Fiction, Books

Fiction, Movies

Collection Notes
1 The majority of the artifacts and other resources in this collection were originally acquired as extensions of the activities of Digital-Den and were shown at Tech Breakfast in Boston and Immersion in Los Angeles among many other events.
Hopper, M.E. (2013, November). May the force be with you! [Exhibit]. TechBreakfast. Microsoft NERD Center, Cambridge, MA.
Hopper, M.E. (2014, May). Immersive interfaces [Exhibit]. Immersion 2014, Los Angeles, CA.

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